What Else We Need:

We are so proud and grateful for the donations to our causes, SUPCleanup and Wounded Warrior , but there are still other ways you can help if you prefer something more personal and/or specific for our actual expedition. Outfitting for this excursion is a bigger undertaking than the usual day-trip ! We also need to arrange for our shore support and sustenance. Some of the expenses we need to off-set are the travel expenses. The ways you could help would be to provide any of the following:

Visa/MC check cards ( or GNC gift cards )for food and protein gels: needed 
   Care packages will be shipped from Willow Ave to prearranged locations regularly , please feel free to email us or send a FB message if you have anything you'd like to send in the next delivery ! 


Watershed Drybags: THANKS  Osprey Sea Kayak Adventures !! 
Laptop: new, used, notebook, mac: Thank you Ruth Holland !!
Assorted camping gear:   
    Sleeping pads, compact: Thank you Luke Foley and the EMS school !!
    Sleeping bags, compact and warm:  Luke again  
    Bivy Sacks or shelters: Luke again
    Jetboil Stove and hydration bags: Thank you Tom and Kiri !!

A BIG THANKS to Jamestown Distributors for the following:
Spot Trackers
Solar Panels
VHF radios
Running lights

 America the Beautiful Nat'l Parks annual passThank you Ami and Rachel !

If you are interested in sponsoring us for any of the above items please email us at supthecoast@gmail.com, we will be very grateful to hear from you.