Our Mission

    Starting March 1, 2011, Will and Mike will embark from Key West, Florida and head north to paddle the Eastern seaboard on stand-up paddleboards, finishing in Portland, Maine. We're combining our passions for paddling, people, and the ocean while fulfilling a dream of seeing the East coast from the water. 

    In doing this we hope to spread awareness and raise money for two specific causes which stem from these passions. The first is Wounded Warrior Project, a national organization which supports America's service men and women, particularly upon their return from duty. The by-line of the group is: "the greatest casualty of war is being forgotten". Regardless of what one's stance is on the US involvement in the Middle East, the fact is that these people put their lives on the line for the rest of us every day. We think it's only right to stand up for those who stood up for us. There's another quote regarding our troops which says: "All gave some, and some gave all ". If this resounds with you, please see the WWP page on this site. 
     The second cause we are supporting is physically "closer to home". We live on, and love, the ocean, and she obviously plays an integral part in this adventure. We have chosen to combine our efforts with a great group of people who work hard ( and have fun at the same time ) to educate others about the well-being of our marine eco-systems on which we so closely depend. SUP Clean-up, a world-wide organization based in North Carolina, couldn't be a better fit for what we're trying to do. Being close to the ocean means so much more than using her for recreation and sustenance . It's a symbiotic relationship. The sea gives us so much and we MUST care for her better in return. Please help us do that by checking out SUP Cleanup's page on this site, and seeing all the ways in which you can get involved. 
     Regarding our passion for paddling, the bio page may shed some light on that, but if you know Mike and Will, there's no explanation necessary! It just is, and it's big enough to tackle the East Coast. We are looking forward to new sights, new waters, new friends, and great memories. 
     If you are interested in supporting us, please go to our sponsorship page.

      Please see the page "Follow Us" for blog and contact info, as well as for how to track us once we're underway. Thank you for your support! 
         Will and Mike